About us

About us

A journey through the art, nature, fragrances and colors of Tuscany. A journey through the streets and fields of an extraordinary land.

Chiara Firenze dedicates its fragrances to a very special region, Tuscany. All the elements that make this territory so invigorating for the senses are an extraordinary source of inspiration.

Our Scents of Tuscany are an olfactory journey that will drive you to this land of art and history through smell, the most mysterious of the senses. Chiara Firenze reveals the most authentic face of Tuscany, where nature, culture and lifestyle merge into a precious elixir.
Not only Chiara Firenze combines a history of excellence and passion with a true sense of bonding with its own local territory, but it also puts in dialogue distant cultures and traditions. Here the art of perfumes meets Florentine artisans to recreate in your own room the charm of this exceptional land.

The art of craftmanship

Imperfection is the charm of our products masterfully handmade. Every step, from bottling to packaging is given custody of our best artisans for a one of a kind product.

A special bond with the local tradition

Chiara Firenze selects original materials to enhance its fragrances bringing to life a brand new line dedicated to the ancient art of terracotta from Montelupo. Scented medals and one-ofa-kind jars are designed to bring a corner of Tuscany in your rooms.